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VET STORY: Black History Month at Brightside


VET STORY: Black History Month at Brightside

          February is the month we honor the contributions of all African Americans and all of those who have gone before.  African Americans have a huge part in American societal influence, infrastructure, and civilization. The United States of America has always had a complicated past because of the slavery of African-American ancestors.

          Let’s look some at noteworthy achievements by some great people that are not extremely well known.  David Ruggles, an abolitionist, was the editor and publisher of the first African-American periodical, The Mirror of Liberty. Ralph W. Tyler was credited as being the first African American war correspondent with the mission of cover war news of special interest to black readers.  Charlotta Bass, a journalist from California, was named the Progressive Party candidate for the Vice Presidency of the United States in 1952.

          Jacquelyn Barrett was the first African-American woman elected sheriff in the United States when she won election to become sheriff of Fulton County, Georgia in 1992.  Sarah Goode was the first African American woman to be awarded a patent for her invention of the “folding cabinet bed” the predecessor to today’s convertible couch.

          There are hundreds and thousands of firsts in African-American culture that has added to the quality of life of American society and the entire world.  Dr. Mae Jemison said it best, “Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.” We credit the past achievements and accomplishments of these great pioneers. We are reminded that the way was paved in order to have no limits. 

Article Contributor: Staff Sgt Reginal G. Lyerly Retired

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