Vet Story (Brightside VIP Club) Service Never stops


Staff Sgt Reginal G. Lyerly, US Army Retired, Winner for the 2022 Brightside 30 Day Challenge. Shares about Service Never Stops

             Service means so much to millions to people. The world would not be able to function without people who are willing to serve. The word ‘service’ has origins from Latin (servitium) and Old French (servise). As we examine the true etymology of the word and apply it to the today’s times, we will usually get a different outcome.

                We often see serving others as admirable and honorable. It is important that we lift up certain principles and ideals for future generations to come. Service did not always have this connotation. This is why unfair use of service or inappropriate use of servitude is very much frowned upon today.

            Let’s look at what business owners do in terms of services. The very context is service is hallmark to what we do. This is an expectation from all of our customers and patrons. This is why dissatisfied customers will speak out on the injustice of not getting quality service. After all, the purchase or exchange is just as much emotional as it is transactional.

          Our customers must feel welcomed, appreciated and honored in order to be properly served. We must feel good about we decide to purchase. We as business owners have this responsibility to do with genuine care, compassion and ethics beyond reproach.

          People who are in the military, our law enforcement or medical personnel provide such a critical service. It is often done at great risk and sacrifice. When our communities feel like they are being properly protected and guided, this lets the world how we are properly served. 

Once again, our world or community would not be able to function without the selflessness of people to serve their churches, cities, states and nations. Mahatma Gandhi stated “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”. I challenge to find yourself by helping another. Why? Service Never Stops!!

About the article Brightside contributor: Reginal G. Lyerly is a retired Soldier, Noncommissioned Officer and Combat Veteran with over 23 years of honorable service to the United States Army. He is proud winner of the 2022 Brightside  30-Day Challenge and to be a 2022 recipient of the Brightside Empirical Award with the designation of Veteran Trailblazer in Business.

About the Contributor Staff Sgt Reginal Lyerly, Veteran | Executive Recruiter | Owner- DifferenceMaker Insurance Agency | Business Consultant | SVP-RGL Marketing LLC

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